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Rootball plants arrive in a hessian sack of soil. They are usually far bushier than container-grown plants, however the take rate is lower. Due to their larger size, they are very perfect for achieving an instant effect.

Bare Root plants don’t arrive in a hessian sack or in a container, they are simply the “bare roots” of the plant. This can make them quite vulnerable. Despite this, they are extremely cost-effective, perfect if you are working with a tight budget.

Both Bare Root and Rootball plants are only available for half of the year and have to be planted almost immediately after they’ve been delivered. Container-Grown can be planted all year round with a high success rate. They are also happy in their pots for a number of weeks providing they are well watered.

This is completely weather dependent. But as a general rule, we would recommend watering your plants once or twice a week.

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Here at ADP Wholesale Plants, we have a fantastic selection of British-grown Hedging plants that are extremely popular with our customers. However, the choice can sometimes be somewhat overwhelming!

We often receive enquiries about which hedging plant grows the quickest, which are the bushiest, which are evergreen, which are the easiest to maintain etc. In our blog, we will cover off those points to help you select the right plants. 

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